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Zydeco Crossroads at the Advertiser in Lafayette


Herman Fuselier of the Adertiser and host of Zydeco Stomp on KRVS, talks with World Cafe’s David Dye. Read More here

Listen Live: Creole United in concert from the Blue Moon


Tune in Thursday evening, October 30th to KRVS in Lafayette, Louisiana and WXPN in Philadelphia, when Zydeco Crossroads presents the zydeco all-star group Creole United live in concert from the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette. Creole United features Andre Thierry, Sean Ardoin, Edward Poullard, Rusty Metoyer, Jeffery Broussard and Lawrence Ardoin. The show is the first of many live Zydeco Crossroads broadcasts happening in the upcoming year, and will be filmed for a documentary by filmmaker Robert Mugge. Read more