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Allons Danser hosting zydeco workshops on October 24th (discount tickets end today!)

Photo: Zydeco dancers at June’s dance party with Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman

Allons Danser is hosting zydeco dance lessons at St. Mary’s Church at the University of Pennsylvania before the Zydeco Crossroads finale event on Saturday, October 24th. Taught by Arther Lee Cobin and Sharmell Branch, the three separate sessions cover everything from the basics to fancy footwork and are great for all levels of experience.

Houston’s Corbin has been teaching zydeco dance for the last five years and was nominated as dance instructor of the year by The Zydeco, Blues & Trailride Association.

Today is the last day for discounted $15 tickets per class. Sign-up form and more details are available here. Tickets for the two-day Zydeco Crossroads finale are available here.

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