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Revisit Sense of Place: Lafayette with Michael Doucet on World Cafe

Michael Doucet

Credit: Michael Doucet | photo by John Vettese

Michael Doucet (of Beausoleil) sat down with World Cafe’s David Dye for an interview during Sense of Place: Lafayette. The Louisiana musician and university professor covered a multitude of topics during the session:

Doucet guides us through the complex histories of Cajun and Creole music in Southwest Louisiana. The French peasants and African slaves from whose culture these musical styles originated had to fight to survive in the New World. But, as Doucet says about the decline in the French-speaking population of the region: “We might lose the language, but I think Cajun will continue. Because that’s the Cajun way.”

Listen to full interview here, which includes recordings of “Eunice Two Step” and “Newz Reel” by BeauSoleil from a 1998 World Cafe session.

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