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Wolf, cluck, grunt: Animals in Zydeco

Nathan Williams | photo by Rick Olivier via www.spartanindependent.com

Music draws inspiration from everywhere, including the natural world. Popular music has called on animals from Big Mama Thorton’s “Hound dog” to Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say?” and Zydeco is no exception.

Some songs use animal sounds, like Boozoo Chavis barking in “Dog Hill,” and other songs simply reference them. Beau Jocque borrowed heavily from Boozoo, including barking on stage. Dogs also appear in songs by Rockin’ Dopsie, John Delafose and Willis Prudhomme and in Rosie Ledet’s double entendre “I’m Gonna Take Care of Your Dog.” Goats are also popular, with several recorded versions of Boozoo Chavis’ “Johnny Ma Cabri” (“Johnny Billy Goat”). Nathan Williams sings “Follow Me Chicken” and “Everything On the Hog.” Beau Jocque sang “Who Stole My Monkey?” and “Don’t Sell My Monkey.” Boozoo also had “You’re Gonna Look Like a Monkey,” and Zydeco Joe’s well-known for “Jack Rabbit.” Cats, bulls, mules and cows round out the Zydeco menagerie.

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