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Artist Spotlight: Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys

Rosie Ledet

Nicknamed “The Zydeco Sweetheart,” Rosie Ledet is the foremost female Zydeco musician to come out of Louisiana.  Her decade-long career has included the release of ten records (most recently 2012’s Slap Your Mama out on London’s JSP jazz & blues label) as well as numerous awards from The Black Heritage Association of Louisiana and others.

Her songs are often sassy and suggestive with a playful quality that comes from her band’s collaborative nature.  And while keeping-up a traditional accordion style, Ledet’s lyrical songwriting on Slap Your Mama is often reminiscent of Destiny’s Child sung by Norah Jones (though there are plenty of rootsy cuts on there too).

Below, watch Ledet and her band perform “When Love Is Real” at the 2011 Ottawa Blues Festival.

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