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Learning how to Zydeco dance with Cupid

The mission of Zydeco Crossroads is to bring bands from Lafayette, Louisiana, that are largely unknown in Philadelphia, into the spotlight and spark a connection between the two cities. And while most of the Zydeco culture has remained under the radar in the Northeast, there’s one artist from down south who’s already given us an introduction to the world of Zydeco (though we may not have realized it).

In 2007, Lafayette hip hop artist Cupid had a Top-40 cross-over hit song called “Cupid Shuffle.”  If you’ve been to a wedding, bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen or on a cruise in last seven years you’ve probably encountered the song and its Electric Slide-esque line dance, which means you’re already familiar with the basics of Zydeco dancing.

In 2012 Cupid was back with “Do It With Your Boots On,” a music video / short movie that features several Zydeco musicians that will be with us during the Zydeco Crossroads project, including Leon Chavis, Lil Nate, and Curley Taylor.  The video spawned a viral response with fans filming their own videos showing them dancing with their boots on.

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