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Artist Spotlight: Koray Broussard and Zydeco Unit

For Koray Broussard, Zydeco is a family affair.  The Opelousas, LA native is a third generation Zydeco musician; his father John, uncle Jeffrey and grandfather Delton are all noted players in Southern Louisiana and beyond.  And by tracing the youngest Broussard’s family lineage it’s easy to see the route Zydeco music has taken over the last several decades.  From the rural sound of Delton’s string-based front porch numbers to Koray’s club-ready R&B fusion, the genre has ensured its enduring relevance by being both adaptive and constant.

Experience the changing Zydeco sound by watching the videos below, which include Delton Broussard & The Lawtell Playboys singing “Baby, Please Don’t Go,” Jeffrey Broussard & The Creole Cowboys performing “It’s So Hard to Stop” and Koray Broussard & Zydeco Unit’s “Pretty Girl Rock.”

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